Initial flight: the ascent Loss in the mountains Loss in the flood plains Return
A boy’s story A blind lady’s story Baptism in the Baro
Stories of the hazards of the treks on foot over the previous six years were often exchanged in the relative calm of Bonga.  Repeated crises had prompted initial flight into the Ethiopian  mountains, through them and southwards down the valleys, eastwards to Ethiopia again, westwards to the flood plains of the Upper Nile, and then back for the third time to seek safety in Ethiopia, where two outbreaks of violence finally led to a respite.  The whole journey had totalled some 650 miles, a journey survived by a surprising proportion of the people, including some of the lame and the blind.  But many were lost, in the mountains, and in the floods, while others succumbed to hunger and illness or were killed in conflict.  It is not surprising that conversion to Christianity offered hope to the survivors of this journey.