Vultures over Dembi Dollo

In this song Dangaye’s mother’s sister mourns her brother, who was transferred by the SPLA in 1991 to help the retreating troops of Mengistu in Ethiopia. Many died around the town of Dembi Dollo, as the civilian refugees fled back to the Sudan. There was no sign of her brother as she looked back, and she imagines him wondering what happened to her.

The vultures are spreading their talons over the slopes of Dembi Dollo!
They sold my brother to the war.

But there’s only the wind blowing in my eyes as I look back.
The Red Cross found the boys,
Found them on the Dembi Dollo mountain.

‘Who will tell Ala where I’ve gone?’

John, come and tell me where to go
‘Look down, forget your hope of his coming’
Which way shall I go?

(War and Survival, p. 150).