Kude’s lament

A woman from Gindi, called Kude, mourns the death of her brother Hila who joined the SPLA and like so many others was killed.  As she herself has to flee her home, she imagines him calling after her from his grave.

‘Kude is cut off, she has no home’
So where shall I stay?
Oh! Where can we bury the dead?
The youngsters [‘seeds’] are finished
Oh children

‘Which way has my sister Kude gone?’
I could run to the north
Father of Hila, call me first to the long road
Oh my! I have no home
Oh, oh!  And the youngsters
I am crying for the children are finished
Crying, for the seeds are finished
And Hila has gone to the land of Garang
Oh, Hila, oh!

The hyena is howling, wu-wuh
The wild ones are howling in the old village
Am I to run to the north? 
My brothers are all taken up in Garang’s war
I want to know where to go

‘Which way did my sister Kude go? 
Who will look for Kude?’

(War and Survival, p. 241).