The path to the SPLA

This is a woman's song about her lonely flight from an outlying village, looking for safety in Chali, only to find it deserted. It is sung here by Hosiah Dangaye Chalma:

How can I carry the children
And make it to Chali?
The men were chased away.
Doctor, come and set me free!
My foodstores were set on fire.
Children, let’s take the left-hand path
Let’s flee to the SPLA
The way the people fled,
Along a tangled path.

John, come and give me freedom!
The baboons are calling in the hills
As I run away to Chali.
But now our Chali’s smashed to pieces!
The people have fled and left it cold
The lions are grunting in the deserted village, awu-wuh!
Wild things are calling in the old village, awu-wuh!

Please show me the way
Tell me the way the people went,
The narrow way.

(War and Survival, p. 90).