News from home

David Musa is listening to Radio Omdurman, late 1994.  The newsreader is speaking in formal Arabic about the government’s recent plan for an ‘Internal Peace’ though not all parties have signed up.

Many will soon return from the North to their homes in the South.  These returnees are beginning to take part in shaping the South.  The wheel of progress will not stop here.  There will be peace across all the southern Sudan, not just some parts.  This is the start of a more inclusive process.  In the past the South was dependent, but it is now beginning to be self-reliant.  The internal peace will begin to support the national economy, and bring prosperity, through the grace of God.... The peace is bringing an end to military confrontation. 

Comment: it was a further nine years before a peace agreement was actually signed with the armed opposition based in the South.