Hymn practice

Children sing hymn tunes and lyrics around the village along with other songs (including the military-style chants of the SPLA). Here a group gives an impromptu rendering of one short hymn, and snatches of another.  The texts were part of the mission hymn book, a repertoire already familiar in the 1950s but published 1963. Below is a paraphrase translation of what is actually sung here. 

Hymn 22, ‘Jesus gave her water’

Jesus gave her water,
As she lay down in the grave.
She then went home with a glad heart,
And as she went she led others behind her,
Coming to drink the water
From lying in the grave. 

From Hymn 23, ‘Yesus Kristhos’ (Tune: ‘Come Thou Fount’)

Jesus Christ, only Jesus
Has the strength to save us from hell’s fire.

Jesus died, but it was his blood
That transformed us to follow him on high.

Jesus, Lord, what can I do?
Because you gave your life for me.
Please now take me into your charge
So I can be redeemed by you. 

Look after me for ever,
I want to hear your Word.
Keep me as your child
Until the day when I can see your face.