There is an old myth among the Uduk of a great dance to which everyone came, including the animals. However, quarrels there led to the beginnings of death. I was told in the 1960s that this dance, the barangu, was no longer performed - it was obsolete. However, a few specialists had survived in a remote village, and I found it re-created in Bonga, quite new to most people there. The flutes are made from calabash stems, as the clip shows, and tuned up carefully. Like the bamboo athele flutes of old, they form a set of eleven - thought of as a matriline, led by a key ‘mother’ instrument. 

Some of the barangu songs are still remembered, in particular one that echoes the old myth of the beginnings of death (you can hear William Danga singing this, and explaining its meaning, as an audio recording in Audio Songs).