Jerry-can band Jerry-can dance Bolshok Return
Dumbale ‘The tortoise’ Barangu

In Bonga there was a renaissance of music and dance. Some of the ‘traditional’ percussion and wind ensembles re-appeared more or less as they had been, with instruments made from available natural materials (eg, the bolshok ). Others adapted what materials were to hand - like battered plastic cans - to recreate the old rhythms (eg, the athele). For clips of these as they were in the 1960s, see 1960s (archival).  Simple solo instruments like the women’s stringed dumbale also reappeared in Bonga as they had been before. The diviners’ organizations and their special dances did not survive so easily  the years of displacement. But in Bonga, there was a surprise - at least one style of wind ensemble, regarded by most in the 1960s as obsolete, was re-created (the barangu).